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(created 2007-04-18, privated everything sometime after 2010-03-26; 350 subs; 845,117 video views)

Creator of an infamous "How to Unlock Luigi in Super Mario 64" video (got 444,000 views+). Mario 64 hacker.

YouTube Archive
How to Unlock Luigi in Super Mario 64

Ulillillia / Nick Smith

(created 2007-05-16; deleted ~2016-02; ~8400 subs; ~6,416,000 video views)

Incredibly interesting character. OCD 100% Completionist (very intelligent mathematically); played lots of grindy RPGs like Disgaea (kind of a legend in that community, that's how I discovered him on GameFAQs); did GameFAQs guides for Disgaea 2, FF12, & Jak 3; Final Fantasy "leveling grounds" (best places to level up early on in FF7, FF4, FF12); well-known for glitch videos on Mario Sunshine, Mario World, Sonic & Knuckles Ice Mountain, Bubsy, Spyro, and a particular video about degreasing pizzas with paper towels; kept extensive logs of his dreams and life on his website; was working on creating a video game called "Platform Masters" that replicated a mindgame where he would fly at incredible speeds, and there was a documentary "The Platform Master" about Ulillillia's story and the flooding he went through in Minot, North Dakota; used to have a fear of mirrors and "blue water" and other similar eccentricities leading to difficulty getting a job, but has now uploaded videos (on Facebook) swimming in tropical water on vacation, and has been working a consistent job for a couple of years; deleted channel due to Google+-related policy changes, mostly uploads to Facebook and now; Ulillillia Archive is up-to-date.

Ulillillia's Gameplay & Wonders
Ulillillia's Website
Ulillillia Archive Channel
Alex Yard & Knuckles
The Platform Master Documentary
5 secrets in level 2 of Bubsy 3D
Knuckles on Ice Cap's Mountain (and bg secrets)

Poe Gamer / RPGMack / Armack Arcade

(created 2008-12-14; deleted ~2013; ~2500 subs; ~1,032,000 video views)

Oldschool Wind Waker/Ocarina of Time playthrough, among the first "Let's Players" with commentary (before that was even a term that existed) (~2009), most well known for Wind Waker 76 Part 100% Incomplete Let's Play, deleted his channel in 2013, not realizing how passionate people were about his channel, regretted deleting it, came back later as RPGMack (Armack Arcade), but it's since been abandoned (2016) after amassing only about 250 subs.

Poe Gamer (Original Channel)
Farewell, PoeGamer (He Has Returned!)
PoeGamer Announcement!!
Armack Arcade (RPG Mack)

Bumnumba1 / Nama-Sensei / Jeremy Thorn

(created 2008-01-17; live as of 2018; 22,460 subs; 4,083,000 video views)

Most well-known for his drunken Culture Moment rants where he curses a lot ("you bitch"), Japanese Lessons, and Smash Brawl release coverage. Stopped uploading for several years & stopped uploading because of Google+'s new ad sense country conversion policy which didn't allow him to monetize himself as a U.S. channel while located in Japan and had them withhold thousands of dollars owed to him seemingly indefinitely, deleted many videos on his channel featuring guest Sam Respess after a falling out in Put It In Your Mouth L.A. (a kickstarted vulgar comedy cooking show) where he was found with drugs and kicked out (never 100% confirmed what happened) and Chad McCanna/Hyle Russell (owners of DKVine, a DK forum created in 1999 he used to frequent) had to step in for the rest of the season. Eventually began uploading again on April 10, 2016, mostly reuploads of twitch streams and started an electronic business venture, but hasn't uploaded or streamed since Sep 18, 2016.

bumnumba1 Twitch
Sam Respess
Put It In Your Mouth L.A. Kickstarter
File Two Productions
Vague Rant Productions

Bananapielord / BPL / Dylan Bailey / iamsleepless

(created 2009-11-17; live as of 2020; peak: 88,864 subs; now: 82,300 subs; peak: 29,355,202 video views; now: 4,292,094 video views)

100s of videos unlisted/private/deleted, many fully private & lost, hasn't uploaded in ages. Collabed with Tylerosaurus. Later made a new channel called MrHewbz, but he took down all the content on that channel (more lighthearted silly reviews of GBA games like Cory in the House) except for his music. Well known for Minecraft Sea Cove, Sims with Fat Jesus, New Super Mario Bros, Build Something series on Machinima (with Tyler) where they would build randomly selected viewer comments in 1 minute in MC and the other would guess what object it is, variety, humor, chill Killing Floor/Borderlands videos every once in a while. Did a few really funny multiplayer Farming Simulator videos with Tylerosaurus, there was on old inside joke about "The Church of the Black Diamond" because of an obscure building in the mountains in Farming Simulator. Became more religious ~2015, potentially lost opportunities because of edgy videos tied to his real name, and regretted it, some can still be found unlisted in playlists on his channel. Seems in 2019, BPL and Tyler had a second purge of their channels. BPL completely privated many videos that were previously unlisted (Feb 9, 2019), and Tyler deleted his channel outright.

BPL [old vlog channel]
Dylan & Tylor [old collab mostly IRL and collab channel for BPL and Tyler]
iamsleepless (Music)
Minecraft Build Something
ohnocabbage - old channel
Domination Painting - old channel

collabed with:

Tylerosaurus / Tyler Harwood
Foxiify / xxDarkVulpix / Becca Faye
XxWaterFlowerxX (Becca's old channel)
iziksquirel [regular commenter]
irysheman [deceased]
FoxTailed08 [made MADs of Dylan/Tyler]


Best of BPL and Tylor Playlist
Various, Vlogs with Tyler, Fan Animations - Foon Mythos
Bananapielord's The Sims 3 - Cerra Matthews
Minecraft PARKOUR! & Minecraft Worldz!- Acehunter1
Let's Play Minecraft, Surviving Minecraft!, Sea Cove, Adventures in Minecraft - NoahC
Minecraft Sea Cove World Download - Mungo
OnigiriVal: Super Monkey Ball 2

Tylerosaurus / Tyler Harwood

(created 2011-02-12; deleted in 2019; 2013: 19,310 subs; 1,529,354 video views; 2018: 17,200 subs; 157,140 video views)

100s of videos privated/unlisted alongside Bananapielord ~2015, often collabed with BPL, did some animations, IRL videos, humor, Binding of Isaac, World of Warcraft. Has a few unlisted but vast majority are private.


charbok (ThatOneShowFUN, The Eggbuster, Austin)

charbok Ustream
charbok Text Archive
ThatOneShow (Nintendo Everything)
The Eggbuster (ThatOneShowFUN)
ThatOneShowFUN Unlisted Videos
A Look -Back- On Skyward Sword
That One Show Video Archive

dev2000 [I do challenges.]



Even Speedwagon is Afraid!

Kitty Uchiha

Many videos deleted. Known as Zelda Chan in 2013.

~--To-The-Moon--~ Tumblr
Zelda Chan


Previously best Mario 64 speedrunner in the world, little commentary, theory by WQQQQWRT that he's related to ALttP runner Kryssstal somehow. Deleted/privated all his videos one day with little explanation. "Back when Siglemic was a girl and Cosmo was a boy."

Siglemic - YouTube

Cosmo Wright

One of the most popular speedruns of Zelda Wind Waker from 2012-2014. Also speedran CV64, Keen, Beetle Adventure Racing speedruns. Transitioned and became Narcissa Wright, moved to, moved many videos over to separate "Narcissa" account, deleted, recreated, remade accounts many times over.

Cosmo Wright - YouTube
Narcissa -

Michu / Pokemon Master Maria / Maria Griffin

Discovered her through a highly upvoted comment on a Game Grumps video ~2015, did gaming videos, horror videos, Majora's Mask with her friend. Suddenly deleted one day ~2017 with no explanation. Seemed to get a lot of hate, and had a potential stalker commenter.

Pokemon Master Maria
1K Sub special [REUPLOAD]
CREEPYPASTA (ft. Liam Vickers & Michu)

CLBGamer / Curtis Lee Bundy(?)

(created ~2011; deleted ~2017)

"A Brony Gamer who streams." (about section of his now-deleted Twitch). Speedran Resident Evil 2, Code Veronica X, and a little bit of Ocarina of Time. I recall befriending him on twitter around 2011. Months later, I mentioned him to my friend who looked him up and sent me his tumblr which had lots of degenerate scaley/furry art, was pretty shocking and funny. He started taking speedrunning more seriously in November 2012. He never got any WRs as far as I know, but he was at least within the top 10 runners of Code Veronica X with a 1:58:47 in 2015. Based on the last tweets publicly made to his account and archived tweets (though they don't display properly), he deleted all his accounts aside from his SRL and SDA accounts sometime in 2017.

SpeedRunsLive Profile
CLB's introduction on SDA
Tumblr Blog Archive (Very NSFW) thread mentioning CLB's times

Murdoch Murdoch

The Cruel Fate of Kekistan



Rena Sage ASMR

Lots of "witch", angelic, pretty/entrancing ASMR videos, "D.I.D. System of 40+" supposedly has 40+ split personalities, had many many channels (10+?), on youtube for a LONG time before asmr, did some anime OP covers on one of her alt channels.

[Esc] reality / Rena Sage - main ASMR channel
Ally, Back Together - new main channel
Taty the Mighty - general blogging/hub channel, previously main channel
Ah, My Beauty Goddess! - beauty tips
Bishoujo Teacher - German language lessons
Criss Angel the Pekingese
Mistress 9
Otaku can cook! - cooking channel
otakucanreview - anime review channel(?)
Taty the Mighty Twitter

Ruby Desiree ASMR

Make-up/fashion focused ASMR channel. Deleted ~late 2016.

Youngleak Archive


"There was a youtuber called SudoSteff, that talked about philosophy and anime and stuffOne day, out of the blue, he just deleted his videos and left. To this day, i wonder why. It really is sad to see someone that you used to watch go without giving a proper closure." - Richter WLK

YouTube Channel
Channel on
YouTube Wiki
What happened to sudoStef?

Fleur ASMR

Most active early 2017 up to deletion. Similar to Clareee ASMR. Soft spoken Asian, nice didn't last long before deleting everything. Came back July 19, 2018 as "Amy!" but hasn't been able to reach her previous view numbers.

Original (Dead) Channel Link
Amy! - YouTube
Archive Playlist

threemilk / Agatha

(deleted 2018-02-23)

ASMR, Discussion videos about OCD, did twitch streams where she played ukulele. r9k was fond of her.

threemilk *
threemilkt Twitch
[Discussion] Threemilk Is Gone
threemilk reuploads
threemilk T stream reuploads

Little Kuma

Yuno Gasai yandere roleplays, tsundere, girls love roleplays, 10k subs

Little Kuma - Youtube

Sue Lightning (The Sphere Hunter)

Deleted many of her earliest videos featuring her doing skits and cosplaying (many of her Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy videos). Does gaming reviews in soft-spoken voice. Trans. (Former) Cosplayer. She deleted her cosplay Patreon Nov 22 ~ Dec 1, 2018 due to a change in interest. Her subreddit was removed ~Feb 15, 2020.

Video Archive Playlist

Jellybeannose ASMR

Nice ASMR. Made ASMR for years, eventually deleted a bunch of her more "provacative" (still sfw) videos because of a person who kept harassing her. As of 2018, seemingly some of them may be back?

Delicate Raindrops ASMR

Looks like Mei (Overwatch) IRL, Waifu Roleplays. Deleted all her videos ~2018.


"British girl who was quickly rising up in the ASMR community and quickly amassed 11k subscribers in a short space of time. Known for her lewd ASMR."

Killstream (The Ralph Retort)

(deleted 2018-11-01)

Deleted due to Wall Street Journal running a hitpiece on them. Hyper pro-freedom of speech. Will host anybody, Obama or Duke. The best chat. Also, they raised $26,000 for children with cancer at St. Jude's, but YouTube and Wall Street Journal teamed up to take it from cancer kids and returned the money to the "Nazis."

The Ralph Retort - dlive
The Ralph Retort - [down now]
Church of Failure
The Ralph Retort
The Ralph Retort Archive
The Ralph Retort Website
The Killstream Website

Mumkey Jones

(deleted 2018-12-11)

Made satirical/historical footage about Elliot Rodger. On Dec 10, 2018, received several false flags (4 across his 2 main channels). Privated everything on both channels (third strike in 3 months = deleted). Uploaded a test video, blank black video with only "Elliot" as the title and it got struck instantly. Both channels were falsely deleted. Coordinated attack. Twitter deleted. Only one of the strikes was for hate speech (things like Elliot Rodger driving around were considered "graphic content"; a man sniffing perfume was "sexual content").

Mumkey Jones -
Mumkey Jones 2 -

America First with Nicholas J Fuentes

(deleted ~2020-02-01)

dlive (current)
YouTube (archive)


(deleted ~2020-03-11)

Very old-school youtuber, and someone I am very sad to see go. Started almost exactly a decade prior to deletion, on Feb 23, 2010 doing "The Curiosity Shop," a video mailbag for Zelda Dungeon which featured Axle answering viewer submitted largely Zelda-related questions and skits, and also separate theory/lore discussion style videos. Mailbag 001-143 are on Zelda Dungeon's channel. He disappeared for about 4 years, with his last mailbag on Nov 14, 2013 (not even ZD staff knew why he had disappeared). Most lost hope that he would come back, though keen observers could find rare signs of activity on obscure accounts he used. Finally, he made his triumphant return on January 1, 2018 to the great joy of his dedicated audience. He returned to making Curiosity Shops on Zelda Dungeon's channel starting with Curiosity Shop #136 until Febuary 27, when he switched to his own channel. Throughout 2019, he primarily streamed on twitch (also deleted), though the last half of 2019 was fairly barren on both twitch and youtube. On January 29, 2020, Axle made a final farewell video "Sayonara, space cadets," saying that this would be a more permanent goodbye even than his 4 year disappearance, citing that he wanted to move on to do something greater (game development, authoring a book) and hoped to see his viewers again, perhaps as a designer rather than a youtuber. Without warning or provocation, in the middle of March 2020, he deleted his YouTube channel, Twitch, Twitter, and Facebook, leaving only his Discord.

Reuploads of his farewell video, Zelda Voice Acting, and Curiosity Shop 164
Curiosity Shop Mailbag - Zelda Dungeon
Video Discusions - Zelda Dungeon
Important ZD Mailbag Announcement
Where Has AxleTheBeast Been? - GameOver Jesse
Axle's YouTube (archive)
Axle's Discord